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    How to filter for results that are case sensative

    Stephen Cavallaro

      I have a series of contain statements. But I notice tableau dose not choose based off of case sensitivity. I need to e able to filter by case sensitivity. Is this possible?


      Thank you.


      Here is my formula: (workbook attached)


      Contains([Shortdescription],"Data Usage Meter")

      OR Contains([Shortdescription],"data usage meter")

      OR Contains([Shortdescription],"meter")

      OR Contains([Shortdescription],"DUM")

      OR Contains([Shortdescription],"DUB")

      OR Contains([Shortdescription],"UBB")

      OR Contains([Shortdescription],"UBP")

      OR Contains([Shortdescription],"IPDR")

      OR Contains([Shortdescription],"RBM")

      OR Contains([Details],"Data Usage Meter")

      OR Contains([Details],"data usage meter")

      OR Contains([Details],"meter")

      OR Contains([Details],"DUM")

      OR Contains([Details],"DUB")

      OR Contains([Details],"UBB")

      OR Contains([Details],"UBP")

      OR Contains([Details],"IPDR")

      OR Contains([Details],"RBM")

      OR Contains([Item],"DATA INTEGRATION")

      OR Contains([Item],"DATA USAGE METER")

      OR Contains([Item],"DATA USAGE REQUEST")

      OR Contains([Item],"USAGE BILLING")

      OR Contains([Item],"USAGE BROWSER NOTICE")


      OR Contains([Item],"USAGE RATING")