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    Looking for leader to drive us towards a better BI strategy

    Edward Wimmer

      I'm new to the group...but made sure to get permission from Russell before posting a job opportunity to the community...
      Hello Gang,

      Our Northern Kentucky company (Road ID - www.RoadID.com) is looking for an internal leader that can drive us towards a better BI strategy and provide improved insights and analysis. This is a leadership role with loads of opportunity to take ownership of our BI infrastructure and process. The gravy on top is that your work would have real/authentic meaning as Road ID is company with a purpose and passion to save lives and provide peace of mind. Your insights, reporting and analysis will help us be more effective...and when we're more effective...we save more lives.

      Check out the job description (link below) or reply to me here. 


      Thanks for your time.


      Edward Wimmer

      Road ID