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    Manually moving chart labels - override snap-to?

    John de Boer

      Hi there, new to Tableau. Searched for this and couldn't find it.


      We have finicky charts where automatic positioning of labels must be tweaked sometimes to pixel-perfect alignment. The ability to move labels is great, but the snap-to feature can be frustrating - you get close to a chart element and the label jumps to a snapped position on the element. Sometimes the correct position for the label is in that gap that Tableau won't allow you to move the label to.


      Does anyone know of a way to disable this feature, or hold a key to temporarily override this when manually positioning labels?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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          Nicholas Hara

          Hi John,


          I'm not aware of a way to accomplish the task that you are asking about.


          I would suggest a couple of things though:


          1. build a crosstab below the viz that shows the exact values, use a highlight or filter action to show the number when a mark is hovered/selected.

          2. Consider limiting the number of marks shown to the salient points. All the numbers in a viz are rarely referenced, it is likely that the max, min, or most recent marks are actually what you are shooting for.

          3. Make the axis range smaller so that labels do not overlap.


          Hope these suggestions help out.

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            John de Boer

            Thanks for the quick reply, Nicholas. We're gearing up to use Tableau more interactively, but for the moment we're just creating static charts, so that's why we're fiddling with labels.


            I'll look a little further into your suggestions. Thanks again!