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    Resolution: screen and size

    Robert Biese

      Dear all,


      At first I am from The Netherlands and English is not my first language. I like to make things simple, which is very difficult for a lot of others. Bigger is not always better.


      I do have 2 computers. The resolution of the screens are different: new vs old.


      When I want to make a dashboard with the size: A3 the output is different:

      New screen:

      Old screen:

      Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug in Tableau? I am not looking for workarounds, but for a solution.


      All over the world A3 = A3 and A4 = A4, etc. I expect there won't be any difference between the 2 screens I have: A3 = A3. Unfortunately there is. Which is a bit of a shame.


      Thanks in advance for any reaction.