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    How to change Chart Axis color Dynamically?

    Csaba Ragany

      Dear All,


      My first question is:

      1) Is it possible to change chart axis color dynamically based on a selector?


      Second question is:

      2) How to change chart axis format dynamically if I have dual axis and/or two charts under each other? So I have two left y-axis labels under each other and two right y-axis labels under each other. OK, I can create two separate sheets for the two charts under each other, but I want (need) dual axis charts!


      I read some solutions about dynamic formatting (I thought that formatting includes coloring, or not?), but these do not solve my problems:

      - How to change Chart Axis format Dynamically?

      - Dynamic Axis Labels/Formatting/Tooltips for Measure Selector

      Here I'm not able to move the dynamic y-axis label from left to right

      And I can set different colors for the different selected measures (it's a very nice feature), but I'm not able to set different colors for the different y-axis labels. I have bar charts and on both chart I have left and right y-axis, so it would be very nice to color the left-right y-axis labels as the bars. And of course the colors of bars can change based on the selected measure so the colors of left-right y-axis labels should also be changed.


      Thank you very much!