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    Monitoring Tableau Server Full Data Download

    Zaheer Ahmed



      We recently started using Tableau Server. We are working with sensitive data and don't want users to full download underlying data but only download summary data. We cannot control users by setting deny permissions of full data download as we will have to give ownership of the content (workbook/view) to the users for further analysis and creating visualization. Once users have ownership of the content they can download full data.


      We want some monitoring mechanism in place so that we could audit trail the user activities. But we could not find users' action that record 'full data download' request in the Tableau Server Admin Views (Status).


      Moreover, we couldn't find any reference to full data download in the logs files after setting logging level to trace.


      Also had investigated Tableau Server underlying PostgreSQL database but didn't find 'Full Data Download' event in its 'historical_event_types' table.


      How can we monitor/track users if they do full data download from a worksheet/view?


      We would highly appreciate any workaround/idea to achieve this requirement.