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        Tharashasank Davuluru


        you  need to arrange the pills how i arranged in columns and rows you are doing it in a different way. Check the screenshot before doing it.

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          Hello Thara,


          Thanks for your patience.


          Still Unable to solve. Please find the below screenshot and try it from your end.




          Material heirarchy L2 as CO

          Type Daily

          Calculation 1







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            Tharashasank Davuluru


            Please put the calculation1 in columns and then check.

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              I cant keep like that because my layout should be in below manner.





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                Tharashasank Davuluru



                Where is your calculation field it need to be in the view .otherwise you cannot show.

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                  Tharashasank Davuluru


                  There is some problem in comunity iam unable to attach the workbook.please mail me your workbook.ill solve and ill send to you.

                  My mail id:shaan.tableau@gmail.com

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                    khalid norat

                    Hi Koushik,


                    I would suggest using Groups for your Level 3 Desc rather than a calculated field to group.

                    This should hopefully solve your problem.

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                      khalid norat

                      I have added the Desc level 3 in groups in this workbook. unfortunately its a newer version of tableau tan you were using.


                      Another thing that might help is showing empty rows.


                      on the file menu select Analysis>Table Layout> Show Empty Rows


                      Let me know if I can help with anything else


                      Kind Regards,



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                        Tyler Garrett

                        ****ELSEIF [LEVEL3_DESC]='N/A - DePuy Synthes AU National' then 'National'



                        Is there an expectation of 'N/A - DePuy Synthes AU National' in the data?

                        This sounds like it could be a straight forward fix: If this doesn't work, it means the data doesn't exist, has been filtered out in Tableau, OR filtered in the source (contact the dba).


                        If statements - are supposed to - just work... because of the inherit data/business knowledge the end user brings to the plate, as soon as the if statement doesn't work - always go to your syntax, then DATA. I literally always "paste" values, from Tableau DATA VIEW, to the "if statement condition".. call it an old habit - having built ETL processes, that require any padding, odd characters, etc.. to be accounted for.


                        Also you mention the word "alignment" in your first post, --- oh snap.


                        Use dashboards!

                        If you're in search of a perfect "looking" thing (often because you're used to EXCEL, which doesn't rely any relational database understanding - like Tableau does, --- click cell type = and off to the races)... I suggest use Tableau desktops Dashboard, and FLOATING - a big piece of Tableau - to simulate what you're looking for - because spending hours on something that "looks" a certain way, especially if it's coming from the mind set of "excel works this way".


                        I've not opened your workbook or any attachments here because I think if you're expecting 'N/A - DePuy Synthes AU National' and it's not there, then it's hard to provide further assistance.


                        Your calc:

                        if [LEVEL3_DESC]='N/A - DePuy Synthes NSW & ACT' then 'NSW'

                        elseif [LEVEL3_DESC]='N/A - DePuy Synthes QLD' then 'QLD'

                        elseif [LEVEL3_DESC]='N/A - DePuy Synthes SA & NT' then 'SA'

                        elseif [LEVEL3_DESC]='N/A - DePuy Synthes VIC & TAS' then 'VIC'

                        elseif [LEVEL3_DESC]='N/A - DePuy Synthes WA' then 'WA'

                        ELSEIF [LEVEL3_DESC]='N/A - DePuy Synthes AU National' then 'National'


                        Your calc:

                        1. Is only changing the TEXT SHOWN

                        2. It's not grouping anything, except else null

                                  -- I would recommending using "edit alias" ::: http://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/pro/online/windows/en-us/help.htm#datafields_dwfeatures_rename.html 

                                  -- Tableau is a Data visualization tool, you're cleaning your data in this calc -- like an ETL process.

                                       ==> A cleaning calc means you're support and remediation of the DATA is now in the visualization LAYER vs the data layer... You can ask your DBA to make this change, sending them this calculation would push ownership to the data owners VS the desktop authors

                                       ==> A cleaning process support remediation NEVER STOPS, if  ONE of the 6 "text" conditions shown above change, even barely, everything breaks. This dependency can be handled in Tableau, but as a best practice - I'd recommend doing ETL before Tableau. So that you can keep the burden of complex calculations, in a space where end users will not want to wait on that performance. Be sure to optimize your extract to take advantage of the materialization of this calc. And truly, hopefully nothing every changes in the data. If statements like this are STATIC, if something changes before it gets there, it breaks.

                        3. Typing out the entire "string" text actually is a very slow process when the data source is a decent size too.

                                  -- I would recommend researching the function "contains" ::: String Functions -- it would be a lot less "code" and probably easier for you to catch your calc bug.




                        Tyler G.

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                          Your solution almost solved my issue. I am able to view National region with Blank data.  Alignment issues gonna solve.


                          Thank you.





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