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    Need to display Region Name


      Hello all,


      I have list of regions:


      NSW,VIC, QLD,SA,WA and National. I have kept product level filter.


      For Product CODMAN I don't have sales for national. Tableau is not showing national in the list. But I need to show National with 0 Values.


      I have created a calculated field for Region:


      if [LEVEL3_DESC]='N/A - DePuy Synthes NSW & ACT' then 'NSW'

      elseif [LEVEL3_DESC]='N/A - DePuy Synthes QLD' then 'QLD'

      elseif [LEVEL3_DESC]='N/A - DePuy Synthes SA & NT' then 'SA'

      elseif [LEVEL3_DESC]='N/A - DePuy Synthes VIC & TAS' then 'VIC'

      elseif [LEVEL3_DESC]='N/A - DePuy Synthes WA' then 'WA'

      ELSEIF [LEVEL3_DESC]='N/A - DePuy Synthes AU National' then 'National'



      Reason: For few of the products I don't have sales for national. For others I Have sales. I am facing alignment issue in dashboard. I need to display National with 0 values so that my alignment will be perfect.





      Kindly help me out.




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