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    New - One WDC for Hundreds of Data Services: Blockspring.com (Beta)

    paul katsen

      I'd love your feedback on the new Blockspring Web Data Connector. Just in time for tc15 .


      You can access hundreds of data services (with many more on the way) from a single WDC ... just type in blockspring.com.


      Check out some of the example videos here: https://www.blockspring.com/tableau. We're super excited about the possibilities.



      Once you learn this one data connector, you'll have a standard way to:

      • Pull hiring patterns across the country with Glassdoor.
      • Access and blend Google Analytics and Facebook Insights data.
      • Do Machine Learning from Tableau with AlchemyAPI, BigML, etc.
      • Connect to rich data source like Quandl, NASDAQ, Datafiniti, import.io, and a bunch more.
      • ... !


      For those of you that use https://www.blockspring.com already to access data services from Excel & Google Sheets, you should know the drill! The same behaviors apply with the WDC. Also all of your organizations' services should already be accessible from Tableau.


      Let me know what you think!






      PS - For the devs out here, you can also build your own connectors using https://open.blockspring.com/blocks/new. As long as you can write a script that makes the API call, you'll automatically have a connector into Tableau, Excel, Sheets, and all of the other Blockspring integrations .


      PPS - Thanks Tableau team for the support, especially Nicolas Brisoux!