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    Ashley Cloutier

      I am connected to an Excel workbook that has 2 worksheets. What would cause Tableau to not allow a right join? I am only able to do left...but that will do me no good for what I'm trying to accomplish. Any help is appreciated!


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          John Sobczak

          Ashley, It actually looks like there is an issue with the data in Master Dates sheet from the message on the screen and red ! mark.  You can try to start over and drag the master sheet out first and do a left join which will be the equivalent.

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            John Sobczak

            I just tried joining sheets in Excel myself and it does appear right joins are not an option.  I always knew the full outer wasn't an option in Excel ever since it was introduced in 8, but didn't recall the right join.  In any case you should just be able to reverse the order of dragging the sheets out to get the correct side outer joined.

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              Ivan Young

              HI Ashley,

              Tableau doesn't support Right or Full Outer Joins when excel is your datasource.  I think the option is available if you use a legacy connection, but Johns idea of switching order should do the trick.



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                Ashley Cloutier

                I attempted that before posting and it gives me an error message saying there is a problem with the data when I do it that way. The legacy connection does work-I just already had data put together and didn't want to start over fresh. I might be out of luck though

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                  Chris McClellan

                  Is the data really coming from Excel, or have you downloaded it from a database somewhere ?


                  Tableau needs a "real" database to do a proper right join.

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                    Kate Morris

                    Hi Ashley Cloutier, Chris McClellan, Ivan Young and John Sobczak,



                    We are enabling right and full outer joins for Excel sheets in Tableau 10.1.  It is in 10.1 beta 2 (with some known bugs that we have addressed for the final release).  It will work on Mac as well as Windows (but not for the legacy Excel connector; the legacy connector is only available on Windows and will not support full outer joins).