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    Dashboard Rendering

    Madu Mehta

      Hi All,


      I want to understand the minute details of dashboard rendering process:-


      Let's say a workbook has 5 dashboards and each having 3-5 sheets.

      • Does Tableau fire all the query involved in this workbook at once when user opens the dashboard or query related to only the first page/sheet is executed and rest are executed when user moves to that sheet/dashboard ?
      • Does a user filter in the dashboard impact the performance and how ?


      Environment :- Tableau Server & Desktop - 9.1.0




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          Sharad Adhikari

          Hi Madu,



          Tableau fires query related to only first page/sheet and rest are executed when user moves to that sheet. You might check this from your Tableau desktop log file situated under My Tableau repository.


          User filter: Are you talking about row level security or quick filter. In both case there is an impact on performance since Tableau has to do extra level of calculations.




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            Tharashasank Davuluru

            Hi Madhu,


            If you have a look from Tableau 9.0 they are supporting parallel queries, query fusion and query aggregation. These three will take care of firing the queries in a sequential fashion.

            Parallel Queries

            Tableau 9.0 also takes better advantage of the capabilities of source databases to execute more queries at the same time. This new “Parallel Queries" feature will improve Dashboard performance, on Desktop and Server.

            Query Fusion

            What’s better than faster queries? Fewer queries. Tableau 9.0 has a new technology for database connections called Query Fusion that will look at all of the queries in your dashboard and find ways to simplify them into fewer queries. That will result in less work for the database and faster response times for the user.

            External Query Caching

            Finally, imagine that no queries need to run at all, and tools simply step out of the way when starting analysis. When loading a workbook for the first time, Tableau queries the data source to get the values to create the visualizations. However, what happens the second time? If the data hasn’t changed, like with extract-based workbooks, why even query the data source?


            Please take a look at this also 9.0 Preview: Query Performance Improvements | Tableau Software


            Please Also look at the explanation which is given by Mr.Diego medrano  in this Thread Tableau Server Client Side Rendering

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