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    Incremental Refresh Not Working

    Andrew Gandara

      I'm trying to do an incremental refresh on an extract. The Inc Refresh doesn't pick up all the rows. I start with 39 rows (as expected), and when I run the inc refresh, I then have 203 rows even though there are 51,290 total rows in the excel file.


      To simulate this I've used the infamous Global Superstore excel sheet. I took just the Orders tab and cut excel row 41 and down to another tab. (See the attached Excel WB).

      I setup my Extract to increment using Row ID as the unique column (See attached extract). I setup a view just showing total sales.

      Then I go over to my excel WB and copy all the rows from the Additional Orders tab to the 41st Excel row on the Orders tab. This is simulating more records being added to a database. I save my Excel WB and close Excel.

      I run the incremental refresh on the tableau extract, it only grabs 164 more rows giving me a total of 203.


      inc refresh.jpg

      total rows.jpg



      Any more inc refreshes don't do anything. However, if I then do a full refresh it grabs all the rows....


      This happens on both my .twb and .twbx


      Am I missing something or doing the increment config wrong?