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    how to get total of sales order having just beverages in it?

    Shivang Desai

      Hi All,


      I am not getting the query to get total sales order whose id is same as that of beverages.



      Salesorder#1: beverages 10$

                    chips 5$


      Salesorder#2: chicken 5$

                    chips 8$



      Salesorder#3: beverages 4$

                    chicken 6$



      So as per the above example, I should get the sum as 20$
      (salesorder#1 + salesorder#2)


      When I goto Analysis and select grand total it gives me all the total order sales (ex: salesorder#1 + salesorder#2 + salesorder#3).


      Please help me with this?


      Kind Regards,

      Shivang Desai

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