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    How to make a "this is where you're headed" sales goal?



      So I've been asked to create a dashboard where a salesperson can see what their sales are so far into the quarter and use that data to then see how they are trending towards their quarter target (the red line).


      The only problem is that a Trend Line doesn't stretch out long enough! The reason it's so short is because the data only goes until today's date in the month, and yet I'm supposed to list dates even further than that so I used an invisible reference line to extend my dates out.


      Is there a way for me to get what I'm looking for - a trend line that calculates the sales per day and forecasts whether or not they will hit their goal by the end of the quarter? Thanks!


      BTW I can handle 9.3 just uploaded it in 9.0 so I can get help from as many people as possible.