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    Displaying Service Performance (SLA) based on a list of incidents

    Thomas Drapier



      I'm trying to chart the SLA % for a number of services. My source data is a list of incidents recorded against these services.

      Each incident occurs on a certain date and has a duration. Aggregating the durations gives me a total incident duration in a given period for a given service.

      I created a calculated field which translates the sum of incidents duration into a percentage and defaults to "1" when the value is null:


      IF ISNULL(SUM([Effective Duration])) THEN 1 ELSE

      1-(SUM([Effective Duration])/2678400) END


      This works well when I display the data in a text table.

      However when I display the data into a bar chart, the services which had no incidents have no bars on the chart.


      How do I force tableau to show a 100% bar for services which had no incidents recorded in a given period?