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    Question about global filter in a dashboard for views from different data sources

    Bingcan Chen

      Hi All,


      I am creating a dashboard combining two views from two different data sources. These two data sources share two same fields - teacher name and student name. Instead creating filters separately in those two views, I wanted to create a single global filter in the dashboard which could be used to filter on both views.


      I did some research online and learnt the way to use the 'Parameter' way to achieve that. here is the link: Filtering Data Across Multiple Data Sources | Tableau Software


      But here is my problem now. Since I have two shared fields here between these two data sources, I set up two global 'Parameter' filters in the dashboard - one for teacher name, and the other one for student name.  But unlike using the real filter where we can set the second filter to only show the relevant values based on the first filter, here, the two global 'Parameter' filters are unrelated and are showing all teach names and student names.


      Is there any way that I can set up these two global 'Parameter' filters to be related with each other? for example, when I pick one teacher in the teacher 'Parameter' filter, only the students taught by this teacher show up in the second filter's drop down menu? For now, no matter which teacher I choose in the first filter, all students names show up as options for the second filter which is really confusing for the end users.


      Also, another problem is that when I created these two global filters by using the parameter way, there is no "All" option. I am just wondering if there is any way to have the "All" choice back like in real filter and when I choose on that, the dashboard would not filter on anything?