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    Data download feature disabled on "Tableau Public"

    Ashish Chaudhari

      Hi Everyone,


      asch harwood and I was discussing on the Failing to load all countries . Asch has created a tableau public dashboard in 9.3. That time he hasn't given permissions to download the workbook as well as data. Since I have older version (9.2) asked him to permit the data download on the tableau public for https://public.tableau.com/views/SSTDraftApril242016/FinalSST?:embed=y&:display_count=yes&:showTabs=y .


      He tried giving the data download permissions but it didn't worked. Then he gave the dashboard download permission so that I can access the dashboard. As I mentioned earlier due to version problem I am not able to open the dashboard due to this I would still need the data to check his issue.


      He has also sent a proof of assigning data and workbook download. Please look into the same.

      SST Draft April 24 2016 - CFR Niigeria Security Tracker | Tableau Public


      I am getting the same problem when I am trying to download data.


      Please enable the data download option on the tableau public.


      Thanks and Regards,

      Ashish Chaudhari