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    Anyone Want to Collaborate - Share Sample Data, Work Out Problems in Tableau, Etc?

    Matt Lutton



      I thought I would go ahead and post to say that I am interested in sharing sample Education data sets, to examine different data structures folks are using in Tableau for various problems.  If you are interested in sharing, I also have several sample data sets I can share with you, and we can discuss the data and why it is structured a certain way.  My goal is to get much better at predicting what IS possible with certain data structures, as well as developing my skills further in Tableau.  We could even pose sample problems.  I just could really use a friend in the world of K-12 data!


      I haven't seen a lot of action within this Group, but I'd really love to collaborate with others using Tableau for analyzing student/school data.  The folks that seem to know Tableau best often collaborate with others, and I just feel this could be beneficial for multiple parties.


      Please reach out: mlutton@goodwilleducation.org


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