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    Discussion-Geographical Data, Data Arrangement, Flows, etc.

    Bas Groothedde

      Hey everyone,

      There are certain points I would like to discuss and I am curious what your opinions is. I think Tableau is a great program for data visualization, however I think creating

      complex graphs (e.g. jump plots) are....well....to complex. Jump plots for example

      are great graphs to visualize especially geographic data (e.g. comparing costs,time, etc. between nodes)


      I am convinced that all Tableau people are doing their best to improve the software! and especially simplify it!!!
      And all the people in the Forum offer great help. Please don't get me wrong but in the past month I was working a

      lot on visualizing geographic data and there are certain issues I would like to share with you. I am very curious

      what your opinion is!

      • Rearranging Data
        I think it is very time consuming to rearrange the data without using additional programs as Alteryx or R.
      • Curved Flight Paths

               If you would like to display a lot of paths, again people use additional software to arrange their data

               Of course there are ways to display curved lines (Curved Lines - Never Ending Story ), but still the format         is not very satisfying

      • Coverage (circles)

             Drawing circles around one or multiple points in order to show the coverage in hours, miles, etc. is extensive.

             As always you can find a lot about it in the Forum (Distance Mapping with Radius Filter,Re: Re: shaded areas of 30 miles on a map)

             People are using SQL to draw simple circles. But I think it is to sophisticated compared to the result: Circles?!

      •    Paths with multiple nodes

                Using multiple nodes, it gets quite challenging to add details to the paths, such as flow details (costs, time etc.). And of course curved paths

      These are just some issues I have noticed. I hope the issues above are clear to you. Of course I am new to Tableau and maybe I am simply to lazy to find out how to create

      sophisticated graphs. YES!, I am new to Tableau and I have never used SQL,  but I think it is quite controversial that on the one hand it is so easy to create maps and display

      locations and other graphs that seem simple need a lot of effort.


      I am really curious what you have to say!

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          Łukasz Majewski

          In general Tableau - just as any other general BI solution - is not specialized for a specific use (like geographic visualization). But yes, it has lots of limitations and some are very annoying. They try to make it better with every new version and this community may play active part pushing for improvements. Everybody has a wishlist for tableau but obviously you will never make everybody happy.


          (The bright side of this is we have fun with good brain teasers sometimes! )