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    Cross data source filtering and filtering SQL results

    Jeremy Earman



      I am new to Tableau and have been trying to figure out if what I'm wanting to do is possible with the version of Tableau I am using (9.0), or if maybe I need to go in a whole new direction.


      I currently have three data sources. One SQL connection which drives four worksheets and two Excel flat files each driving a single worksheet (Each Excel sheet corresponds to a specific City).


      All three of these sources have a "City" dimension. I am wanting to use the selected "City" dimension to either show/hide the graphs from the Excel sheets and to ALSO filter the results of my SQL query (only display assets in a specific City)


      Currently I can accomplish this by simply having two filters, but they both need to be changed to the correct "City" in order for the data to match. This is barely passable for my current needs but in the future will be unacceptable.


      It seems like there are many ways to ALMOST accomplish what I'm trying to do, but I can't quite pull it all together.


      Is there a way to link these two filters together and simply hide one of them?

      Would it be easier/possible to just throw all three of these into the same Excel sheet and connect to the SQL database via the Excel spreadsheet?


      I can try to provide some screenshots if necessary but due to the data in my report I can not export anything.