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    Creating a Time Dimension by Multiple Measures

    Justin Ford

      Hello I was wondering if it was possible to create a month time dimension from multiple measures that would allow me to graph my two sets of data 2 separate lines by data type over the span of 3 months.  Currently, because I do not have a time dimension I must use bar charts only


      My measures I'm working with are:


      • Jan Opps
      • Feb Opps
      • Mar Opps


      • Jan Ops Benchmark
      • Feb Ops Benchmark
      • Mar Ops Benchmark


      What I'm trying to do line graph comparison the top 3 bullets vs. the bottom 3 bullets.  This is what I've come up with but when I drop my calculated field on top I receive a null for the newly created time dimension


      DATE(IF count([Jan Opps])>0 or count([Jan Opps Benchmark])>0 then 'Jan' ELSEIF 

      count([Feb Opps])>0 or count([Feb Opps Benchmark])>0 then 'Feb' ELSEIF

      count([Mar Opps])>0 or count([Mar Opps Benchmark])>0 then 'Mar' END)


      Thank you!