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    Total Distinct Units + Special Units by Month trouble

    Alexander Bradley


      I am trying to create a chart that shows monthly colors as 3 separate bars and a monthly total unit as a line.. The bars on the axis should be Blue, Red, and Green. They should be filled by a calculation I put together called CPU. Which is the total count of color numbers / Total Number of Distinct Units. I have put together two other calculations that feed into CPU. First is "NOCOLOR" calculation which is "IF(Special = "NOCOLOR") THEN 1 END. The other part of the calculation is "Monthly Unit" which is COUNTD( Color Number) + Count(NoCOLOR).


      My issue comes with my total units as a line. I would like to count the total units for each month rather than units for each color. So instead of 2 units for January Blue, 1 Unit for January Red, and 1 Unit for January Green, I would like to show 5 units for January and then be able to connect the lines along the months so there is no break in the lines.


      Any help?


      If you have any questions or not clear on my issue, please let me know. Thanks!