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    List of Mapping Resources

    Jason Scarlett

      Hi folks,

      Please post any other Tableau mapping resources that you come across (or any shapefiles that may be useful for Alberta).

      It seems mapping came up quite a bit last night. Here are some resources that I have found helpful:

      1. Background layers - How To Install and Use Seven Fantastic #Tableau Background Maps | 3danim8's Blog ... there is another blog post that lets you downoad the tms files right away ... but i can't find it.
      2. Simple Mapbox Integration - Integrate Mapbox with Tableau | Mapbox
      3. Advanced Mapbox layers - { Tableauing Dangerously } | Ultimate Mapping Guide Part 1 - How Tableau and Mapbox work together
      4. Manual Shapefile integration
        1. Basic structure - Creating Tableau Polygons from ArcGIS Shapefiles | Tableau Software
        2. via QGIS (free!) -  Step By Step Instructions – ShapeFile to Custom Polygons using Open Source GIS (QGIS)
        3. via Alteryx ($$$) - Tool to Convert ArcGIS Shapefiles into Tableau Polygons | Tableau and Behold! , Alteryx, navigating through Tableau mapping - The Information Lab
        4. via DOS - TableauShapeMaker – Adding custom shapes to Tableau maps | Vishful thinking...
      5. Advanced shape file integration
        1. tabgeohack - Map Utility Downloads
        2. ArcGIS - How to Use ArcGIS Data, Features and Basemaps in Tableau | ArcGIS Blog


      #1 is good for everyone

      #2 is good for everyone

      #3 is good if you really want to customize the background layer

      #4 if you have a limited or dedicated need for a specific shape file

      #5 if you have a large set of shapefiles with lots of desktop users.