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    Filled Map with Points

    Krishna Thirumalasetty

      Hey Guys - I have a database of 146Million Lat,lon information, that I need to plot on a map. Obviously, the shire volume of points is too much for any map. So I figured out a way to do a Filled Map using my data. Now, when i zoom into, say Los Angeles, I want to be able to remove the Filled Layer and show the actual points.


      Does Tableau have a way to do this?

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          Mahfooj Khan

          You can add/remove the map layers from the map menu bar. See the snapshot

          Let me know if you've any query.



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            Krishna Thirumalasetty

            Mahfooj - I know how to add a MAP LAYER. Thanks for the screenshot.


            My question is, I want to display a US COUNTY LAYER to begin with. When I zoom in, I want to remove the county layer and show the underlying POINTS. The idea is, to avoid having to load all the 146 Million lat,lon at once but rather only for the city that i am zoomed into.

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              Christopher Steinmetz

              Hey Krishna,


              SInce you're hoping to change mark types, maybe you want to try building two visualizations with navigation between them. This way you can allow someone to drill down to the county level on your polygon view, then once a county is selected it takes them to the second view with the individual points plotted out. You can build the navigation using a selected action so that it won't seem like the user is actually switching between dashboards. This article shows how to build that action about halfway down, if you're not already familiar.


              Hope this helps!