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    Tabcmd script to refresh published extract

    Vladislav Grigorov



      My situation is like this: I have a Tableau Server 9.0 with 2 published extracts A and B that look at the same CSV file as a source. Extract A refreshes by schedule every 15 minutes. Extract B needs to be refreshed manually by an ordinary interactor user after she validates the data (by looking at a report pointed at extract A). My desired situation is that I give her a BAT script that she can just start from her laptop, and it does what is needed.


      What I've tried so far:

      1) Starting the script locally making "tabcmd refreshextracts". This approach basically requires that the tabcmd call should be made with credentials either of the owner of the published datasource or a site/server administrator, which I do not really like.

      2) Adding the extract to some placeholder schedule, and then starting the schedule via "tabcmd runschedule". To start the schedule, the tabcmd user needs to be looged at least with site admin priviledges.


      I intend to explore a third option of remotely sending a command from a user laptop to be executed directly on the server via the Microsoft owned PsExec tool. Thus I intend to be starting a bat file on the server, which will make the calls to tabcmd under a more priviledged account, but the user will not be able to get hold of the credentials. As this involves some technical complexities and permissions, I am not able to test it right away, so wanted to ask if I am missing something in my train of thought.


      Any other ideas on how an ordinary user may trigger refresh to a published extract without having his permission level escalated and/or getting hold of the admin account?