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    Tableau Server questions:  Licensing, published data sources?

    Benjamin Cole

      John Sobczak wrote:


      You can also publish your extracts and re-use them across workbooks which will help reduce server extract clutter.

      Hi John,


      Thanks for the reply.  We have a small team of analysts using Tableau.  We share our workbooks with the org via Tableau reader.  I have used Tableau server at a different company and am familiar with it, although I wasn't responsible for setting it up.


      1. Does Tableau Server come stock with a Tableau license?
      2. Do I need Tableau Server to create published Tableau Data sources?
      3. If I have high volumes of Google Analytics Data should I create Tableau Data sources on a Tableau Server, perhaps via google big query?


      I just threw out a handful of questions, so thanks for any and all advice!


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          Toby Erkson

          Ben, this is a whole new set of questions so I branched it into its own thread.

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            Toby Erkson

            1.  Server has two licensing models:

            1. Based upon the number of cores
            2. Based upon the number of licensed users who can access Server

            Given that you have a "small team" I would recommend #2 as it's less costly.  However! it's always best to talk to a Tableau sales/support representative to determine what will work best for you now and into the future.


            2.  To share the published data sources easily it is rather nice because it's a one-stop location for that and other things like getting reports.  However, you can save a data source and copy it to a common network drive that others can use.  However, they could edit the data source and potentially mess things up.  If it were coming from the Tableau Server you would be able to lock it down via permissions so that wouldn't happen


            3.  Uhm, er, ?   Well, I suppose so as you create "one version of the truth" to which everyone uses.

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