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    Announcing:  Developer Office Hours for Web Data Connector

    Ben Lower

      We're doing our next developer office hours event on Wednesday, April 27th at 10:00am PDT. The focus is on the Web Data Connector.


      We will start the event with a sneak peek of the next version of the WDC API (can you say multi-table? ). Then we will dive into all your questions about building awesome WDCs.


      Please submit your questions on the thread here or just bring them live to the event.


      The event will be recorded and posted here.


      The event is over but you can watch the presentation below:


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          Craig Bloodworth

          APIs are often designed to be queries multiple times across multiple endpoints. For instance querying public transport locations, selecting a number of these locations, and then querying some kind of activity endpoint. APIs are less commonly designed for extracting ALL of the system's data.


          With that in mind can you foresee a more iterative data collection process via the WDC? This would mean an initial WDC or standard database connection, selection of one or more marks in Tableau which would then be passed as data objects into an additional WDC connection.