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    Year on Year % on Single Map

    Edward Yeldham



      I would like to produce a graph showing sales information for the current year only by geographical location.  I would put sales value on size and then colour the marker by the % against last year.  Green would denote sales increase and red reduction.


      I attach a sample using the superstore data set.


      I can get a table with the data I want in sheet 1.  If I duplicate this and then map it as per sheet 2 I get 3 maps.  If I then filter to a single year I "lose" the % figure for the year as the prior year is not in the data anymore.


      I tried another way by creating a calculated field for the % difference but no use.


      Must be a simple thing I am missing or do I need to create calculated fields for this year sales and last year sales and just have last year on my marks area but not actually displayed?