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    Release Versions and Dates

    Grant Davis

      Can someone explain the logic behind the version numbers and release dates please as I am scratching my head slightly!


      If we take Version 9.3 as the first example, release date of 23rd March 2016.


      Now look at Version 9.2.7 as the 2nd example, release date is 5th April 2016. This release is particular important to me as it has a fix for a bug I reported.


      To me, version 9.2.7 is actually an EARLIER release than 9.3 so the release date should be before version 9.3 and not after?


      If you skip the upgrade to 9.2.7 and go straight to 9.3, will you miss out on some of the new features (i.e. the fix that has been applied to the bug I reported)?


      Can anyone shed some light on this / explain to me?



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          Andrew Connolly

          Hi Grant,


          New features only come out in X.X releases--9.2, 9.3, 10.0, etc.


          9.2.7 is a maintenance release. Maintenance releases are only for bug fixes. The bug in question here either doesn't exist in 9.3 or will be fixed in 9.3's next maintenance release. Most likely the bug isn't in 9.3--development would have been aware of the bug in 9.2.6 before 9.3 was released. The reason for the "parallel tracks" is that some customers aren't always able to upgrade to the next major release right away. So they stay with an older version but still get their bugs fixed.

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            Hi Grant,


            The dates of a feature release (x.x) and a maintenance release (x.x.x) are not related in general. Like Andrew said, they are two parallel tracks. However, the development organization at Tableau takes bug regression very seriously. For any bug that is reported on a certain release, we always forward integrate it to newer releases, including feature release x.x. Often time we apply the fix in older release(s) as well depending on the defect's impact to our customers.


            Having said that, if you have a salesforce case number, or can provide a description of the bug you reported, I can double check the code base and let you know for sure.