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    Shipra Manchanda

      I am new to tableau.

      I need to make a waterfall model. I have capacity (in millions) for each quarter for 2015, 2016 and 2017.  I need to show a comparison between capacities for all these 3 years for each quarter , for example how capacity changed from Q1-2015 to Q1-2016 and from Q1-2016 to Q1-2017. Is waterfall the best way to do this?

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          Mahfooj Khan


          Just follow the below steps to create a waterfall chart.


          Drag a dimension to the Columns Shelf and a measure to the Rows Shelf. I’ve right-clicked and dragged continuous (green) quarter onto the Columns Shelf and Profit onto the Rows Shelf.

          Drag to Shelves

          4) Right-click on the quarter field on the Columns Shelf to convert it to “Discrete”.

          Convert to "Discrete"

          *Be careful at this step that your drop-down looks exactly like the drop-down above. You should have the second option for Quarter selected (Q2 2011) and then select the Discrete option.

          5) Add a Running Sum of Total Table Calculation to the measure on the rows shelf. To do this, right-click on the Profit pill, select Add Table Calculation, and add the following table calculation:

          Table Calculation

          6) Change the mark type from Automatic to Gantt Bar in the Marks Card.

          Automatic to Gantt Bar

          7) Create a calculated filed named “-Profit” and write the following formula: -[Profit]

          Calculated Field

          8) Drag the new measure “- Profit” to the size tab on the Marks Card. Previously, we only had a singular line denoting where the Running Sum of Profit stood from one quarter to the next. We want to backfill all of the space from one bar to the next and therefore show the growth (or contraction) in profit from one quarter to the next. Positive values will therefore extend our bar upwards and negative values will extend the bar downwards.

          Drag new measure to have lines extend bars

          9) Add the Profit measure to the color tab on the marks card and edit the colors and change the color palette to be two stepped.

          Edit Colors

          10) If you followed all of those steps, you should now have a working waterfall chart showing growth and contraction in profit from one quarter to the next. Pretty cool!

          Final Product

          I hope this will help you.



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            Shipra Manchanda


            Thanks for the response. I did as per your instructions. My view looks like below.

            I don't believe I got the right output. Is the 1st Quarter 2015 compared with 1st Quarter 2016 which is only compared with 1st quarter 2017. The comparison should be contained within each quarter.Capture.PNG

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              Mahfooj Khan

              If I'm not wrong you mean to say the difference in each quarter and year?

              In Q1 I want to see the comparison difference of 2010 with 2011. If so then refer the workbook( in version 9.2)

              You can also refer the screenshot.


              In the chart it will compare the profit of year 2010 with year 2011 and so on along pane across.

              I hope this will help you.

              feel free to ask if you've any query.