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    Duplicate Records

    Eshwar Prasad

      Hi team,


      can anyone help me to remove the duplicate recoreds based on one particular column.


      in the below example 1st and 3rd records based on the max date. Because member is repeating because of payer, but still i have to remove the those recors. Need to display the payer details based on the Max(Date).


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          Dan Sanchez

          Hello Eshwar,


          I think we can accomplish this type of filtering using an LOD calculation.  I started by making a calc, [Max Date per Name], to find the maximum date for each person:


          We can see that for the Names with multiple rows, the Max Date value is replicated for each row.


          Next we need to create a boolean comparison that checks whether the [Date] value for any row is equal to the Max date value:


          And lastly, we'll just filter on this calc and set the filter to only show True values:


          Hope this helps!

          Thanks Eshwar!

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