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    String to Date conversion returns Null

    Tsai Yin Yen

      I am connected live to Google BigQuery. I have a field [dayofpurchase] of string type and in the format of "DDMONYYYY: HH:MI:SS.000000". In Tableau, I created the following calculated field to get the format ready to be converted to date type:



      +" "


      +", "


      +" "


      This displays fine as a string in the format "Mon DD, YYYY HH:MI:SS", but when I try to convert it using the DATETIME function, it returns Null values. I've tried a few variation of the date format, same result. Any idea? From reading and researching online, it seems like this might be a BigQuery issue.

      Running the following query in BigQuery: Select timestamp(dayofpurchase) from datatable; gave me Null values. Is there any workarounds?