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    Print separate dashboard page for each user

    Jonathon Stewart



      We would like to use Tableau to create more visual appealing student report cards.  I would like to export a PDF page per student that has multiple visuals for different assessments. Is this possible using Tableau Desktop or Tableau Server?


      Initially, I was thinking that we could create a dashboard and use the "Pages" shelf to generate a separate page for each student.  The attached prototype workbook has this setup, however, when printing the dashboard to PDF it will not generate a separate page per student.  It seems like it is possible for each tab, but perhaps not possible to do for a dashboard.


      I've also been playing around with a version of the attached dashboard on Tableau Public using URL parameters.  We currently do not have access to an internal Tableau Server, but if having Tableau Server can help us achieve what we want then it would give me a more compelling argument for adoption.  Unfortunately, I haven't had any luck using URL parameters to generate separate PDF pages by student using the Tableau Public version either.