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    Assign Action ID Based on # of Actions Within Sub-Category

    Nabila Mirza

      Hi all,


      I'm working with a dataset that shows user activity within a course in a larger learning website. I'm trying to look at the responses that each user provides to a question based on his/her nth attempt at answering the question. Here's a sample representation of what the data looks like:


      Action Date TimeUser IDEventLocationAttempt # (Desired Field)
      3/14/2016 1:00pmUser ASelect AnswerQuestion 11
      3/14/2016 1:01pmUser ASelect AnswerQuestion 12
      3/14/2016 1:02pmUser ASelect AnswerQuestion 13
      3/14/2016 1:05pmUser ASelect AnswerQuestion 21
      3/14/2016 10:00amUser BSelect AnswerQuestion 11
      3/14/2016 10:02amUser BSelect AnswerQuestion 21
      3/14/2016 1:15pmUser ASelect AnswerQuestion 31


      I'm trying to create a field as shown in the last column above such that each new attempt by a user for a specific question will get labeled appropriately as discrete numbers. Is there a way to do this in tableau?


      Any help is appreciated!


      Thank you!