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    2 New Web Data Connectors:  Reddit and Last.fm

    Justin Dallal

      I've written a couple WDCs for some of my favorite sources.  I'm happy to receive input on them. 


      Some information about them:



      • Grab post information from a subreddit.
      • Useful for understanding users who have made the top posts recently or in the "of all time" history
      • Useful for understanding what sources receive the highest score



      • Requires a (free) API key.  Place that where instructed in the .html file
      • 2 connectors:
        • One for grabbing most recent plays by user
          • Supports up to 5000 tracks
          • Really fun for seeing how your play of songs have evolved over time
        • One for grabbing top played tracks by user
          • Supports up to 2500 tracks
          • Fun for seeing how your favorite artists group in your top played tracks


      Enjoy!  I look forward to feature requests.  I'll try to buff them up when I have time.