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    Quick sorting Measure values and Dimension separately on a worksheet

    Abhishek yadav

      On worksheet I have 10 dimensions on row shelf  & 4 Measure values  on Measure Card . I am not able to perform Quick Sort using the Sorting Icon next to column names of Dimension & measure respectively

      but when I remove all the dimensions , measure values are getting sorted  but same does not go vice versa i.e  when I remove the measures, dimensions still are not getting quick sorted  . I need to have all the dimension & measure on worksheet and able to sort them individually . Please if someone can look into this issue. i am attaching the image for all the 3 scenarios.


      Thanks In Advance




      Img 1: Worksheet with both dimensions and measures


      Img 2: Worksheet with only  dimensions



      Img 3: Worksheet with measure value


      Note :Fields those are blank are hidden but not NULL