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    Saas business Metric Calculations-Churn, MRR

    Michael Amato


      I am new to tableau. I am working to calculate key saas business metrics. My data is transaction based so each month I have a list of invoices from our customers.


      I am struggling with creating a calculation that compares last month sales vs this months.




      We calculate churn as a customer that did not bill this month but billed last month. Using last billed does not work because we do not want this number to change when a person rejoins. The calculation is easy in excel but I am not sure how to calculate in tableau. Calculation is if current bill is 0 and last month bill Is greater than 1 it is a churned customer.


      The next is calculating our components of growth.

      the graph below is what I would like to create. Expansion is defined as a customer bill that grew vs last month. Churn is a customer that left us. Net new is total growth.



      Has anyone had experience calculating these.