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    What are your favorite 9.3 new features?

    Mark Wu

      Tableau 9.3 is released on 3/24. I was able to demo some 9.3 new features at Tableau Server Admin webinar on the day when 9.3 was released, which is cool. If you missed it, the recording is @ https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz3dQGB5tnxyQVZrRmJvcXVkbUk/view


      Tableau has speeded up its release cycles from one release per year to three releases 2015. Tableau also announced that there would be four releases in 2016. Tableau is going to spend more R&D $ this year than all the last 13 years of the company combined. I love the pace of innovation.


      I am excited for Tableau 9.3 release, which features powerful upgrades to Self-Service Analytics environment. These include Workbook Revision History, union Excel or text-based data sources, passing parameters in initial SQL, Snowflake data connector, Map enhancements, Content Analytics, etc. Click my recent blog to see more details @Tableau 9.3 New Features 


      My favorite 9.3 new features are workbook revisions and passing parameters in initial SQL. What are your favorite 9.3 new feature?