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    Best approach to create a Sankey where items enter and exit the flow at each node?

    Will Godfrey



      I'm working on a sankey diagram where the dataset has items that enter and exit at every node. I've already learned how to build the basic polygonic sankeys from great post of Olivier CATHERINE's on Sankey diagram made of dynamically generated polygons. I've built a multi-step sankey where every item that starts at Node 0 finishes in Node 3 - so each node (bar chart between curves) equals 100% of the total number of rows. I'm fairly confident I can do this, I'm having trouble figuring out the best way to structure the data and build the node calculations so that so that each node has some items that start and end. To put it another way - items across this flow will enter and exit at different points and I need to show this.


      Here is basic hand drawing of what I am trying to accomplish:




      Here is a sample of what my data looks like (I've done significant transformations in Alteryx to get here - so I can tweak this more):




      I'm working on a workbook, but it is taking a while to reverse engineer all of the equations so I'd love some hints to get me going on the right path. I'll post my final product when I get it working.