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    Headcount, when given the Arrival & Departure Dates

    Keith Helfrich

      Dear fellow community members!


      This one has me stumped.  I'm working with survey data that, for each person provides and arrival date & departure date.  Each person also has some combination of dietary constraints.


      The goal is to produce a single vis that, across all possible dates, shows the headcount within each dietary combination on that particular day.


      What I have in mind is a simple cross tab:

         - discrete days on the columns

         - dietary restrictions on the rows

        - a running total of the headcount in the text

            headcount is only considered for those persons for whom this day is both >= the arrival date AND <= the departure date


      I'm open to any & every solution that only uses Tableau (doesn't require a data re-shaping).  Scaffolds & self-blends are 100% valid. Self-join or joins to a scaffold are also valid.  The original data arrives in CSV format.


      Thoughts ?

      Ideas ?

      Wizardry ?



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