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    Returning End Inventory Using Filter (Fiscal Week)

    Sunil Rai

      Hello guys,


      I probably asked this several times. But I just want to try if this works as well. So I am trying to use my filter to control my worksheet. If I select week 31 to 42, I do get a summation of everything in between. All my fields give me what I want except STD End Inventory. For Inventory, I wish to only return Week 42 (the last fiscal week in my filter). Is that possible? Can by End Inventory be dynamic that such it changes with the final value (week) in the filter shelf. If I select week 21 to 31, then it shall pull week 31 inventory, if I select week 29 to 36 then it shall pull week 36 inventory. Why does it seem so simple, yet difficult?






      Sorry for posting this several times but I cant wrap my head around this (seems easy yet so difficult).