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    Disabling pie chart outlines when hovering

    danny ledford

      Hello Tableau Experts,


      Unfortunately, I have a request that calls for donut charts, lots of them.  The users find it distracting when they hover over the donut chart and the outlines of the underlying pie chart continuously pop up.  I can see why and also find this pretty annoying.  Is there a good way to disable this?  The only solution I've seen in another discussion thread was to replace it with a static image, but that obviously won't work with the data updating on a daily basis. 


      Any ideas?




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          danny ledford

          Update:  I was able to create a work-around.  I covered the pie charts with a floating blank portlet.  Unfortunately, this disables the ability to use an action filter, but I removed those and added a button off to the side.  It works.  If anyone has a better idea, then feel free to share!



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            Connor Larsen

            Hi Danny,


            If you want to take it a step further, you can lay several smaller text boxes only covering up the exact area that the outer layer encompasses (leaving the inner white circle uncovered). Depending on how precise you want to get, you could make them as small as one pixel so that you can go around the curves of the donut, but let's be honest - you've already solved your own question!


            I can post a copy of one if you would like.