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    Incremental updates to *.tde that do not depend on an external tool such as Alteryx....

    Matthew Seltzer


        We generate a monthly data set containing historic nursing home census data.  In addition, we generate a daily incremental data set that we append to our census history.  The appending/refresh is presently done by hand within 64-bit Tableau Desktop.  I have been able to use the Tableau SDK data extract APIs called from Visual Basic.NET to generate a daily incremental *.tde.  [Had to compile Scott Steesy's C# wrapper for the DataExtract.dll which is bundled with the Python version of the Tableau SDK in order to call the DataExtract function from VB.]  What we would like to do is this:


      1. Programmatically generate the monthly historic data set from VB.NET and save it as a *.tde;
      2. Union the daily incremental data set which would also be generated from VB.NET and saved as a *.tde with the historic data *.tde;
      3. (1) and (2) will be automated processes driven by Windows Task Scheduler.


        We would like to avoid incurring the additional expense of purchasing Alteryx Scheduler.  I am not aware if there is functionality within the Tableau SDK data extract API to append *.tdes to one another.  Is there a way, using the TABCMD command-line utility to do this?  Is it inadvisable to do so for any reason?




      Matthew P. Seltzer