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    Calculation for showing data of this current week

    Raquel De Bastiani



      I am still learning on Tableau and am currently needing help with a calculation. I am creating a report that will show me real time data for the current week.


      Attached is an excel spreadsheet of the data I am trying to filter through.


      My formula is showing me the Scheduled Starts and should count all rows with A Status and rows with START Status that have a Start Date of today. However, I am wanting to change the TODAY() to somehow count rows with START Status that have a Start date of this current week, which is Sunday through Saturday (3/6/16-3/11/16).


      The ideal calculation would be something like this:

      IF ([Status] = 'START' AND [Start Date] = THIS WEEK()) THEN 1

      ELSEIF ([Status] = 'A') THEN 1

      ELSE 0



      And the total count would give me 19 records instead of 17.


      I attached a workbook that has the calculated formula of Scheduled Starts (This Week) in case that helps.