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    Slow loading of dashboards on the server

    Serge GABRIEL

      Hello all!


      I have a problem that I would need to solve:


      I created a tracking tool for a project that I am working on.

      The data come from Sharepoint lists linked into Tableau thanks to an Access 20120 file.

      There is a lot of visualizations, dashboards and calculated fields, so the tool is pretty big. Although on Tableau Desktop can it take some time to load some pages. But when I am online on Tableau Server (after publishing, box "Publish with data source" ), the time to load some dashboard is way too long.


      I was thinking if it was possible to reduce the loading time by working on data extract. The data change only occasionnaly and a live connection is not needed (one time a day would be sufficient).


      I would like to know how to replace the data connection on Tableau Server from "Connected live" to "extracts"? Is should also be possible to update this extracts automatically (one time a day) or easily thanks to a button.


      Do somoeone know how to solve this slow calculations issues?



      Kind regards,


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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Serge,


          If a dashboard is slow on Tableau Desktop, it's unlikely to get any faster on Tableau Server, so your best plan is to first optimize the workbook in Desktop. Here are some suggestions:


          - Make sure your views, filters, and calculations are only including the minimum of data that they need. A big performance hit can be the round trips between Tableau and the data source.

          - Minimize the number of data source fields and calculated fields. There's a performance curve where having more than X fields in a workbook causes all interaction to slow down, where X is >100 and table calculations are involved.

          - Have less than 35 worksheets and dashboards in the workbook. This recommendation comes from Tableau support.

          - Where possible, use Action Filters instead of Quick Filters or Parameters (Action Filters are faster).

          - Minimize the use of Quick Filters.


          Once you've done that, then using Tableau Data Extracts can further boost performance. Awhile back I'd asked a question about how many data sources were ok in a dashboard, I had 13 data sources (all MS Access) and switching from Access to extracts changed dashboard update times from 30+ seconds to ~12 seconds.


          You can't switch data sources within the workbook on Tableau Server, you have to download the workbook to Tableau Desktop, edit the workbook, then upload it to Tableau Server.


          The basic method to get Tableau Server to see and update extracts is:


          - Make sure that Tableau Server can reach the Access DB. In my environment, that means that the data source in the Tableau workbook has to be set up with the full path \\server\share\db.accdb instead of X:\share\db.accdb.

          - Make sure that Tableau Server can see the Tableau Extract you've created, and that Tableau Server has write permissions on the file/directory.

          - When you upload the workbook, turn _off_ the Include External Files checkbox, and click on the Scheduling & Authentication button to set that up. You configure the schedule options in Tableau Server, which comes with some defaults. The manual has instructions for all fo this.





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            Serge GABRIEL

            Thanks for the reply!


            I´ll try to do most of the tips you gave me... But my tracking tool is big and it will be difficult and really time-consuming to change all of it.

            I think the best way is to work with Extracts on Tableau Server!

            But the first step (build the extracts on Tableau Desktop) brings errors... Some of the visualizations don´t work anymore with the extracts (but works wih the initial data source), is this normal?




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              Mark Wu

              For those who want to track the workbook performance on server, pls look @ March 1st 2016 Zen Master Webinar for workbook performance

              It is one hr webinar about workbook performance on server. If you missed the webinar, no problem. The summary has link to the recording, code used to track workbook performance on server, even you can set workbook performance alerts too.

              Mark Wu

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