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    Cascading Quick Filter - Default Value

    Jerry Li

      I have three filters: State -> City -> Zipcode.

      I coded them as cascading filters by apply state as context: state (all value in database), city (all value in context), postal code (only relevant value)


      Case: whenever user change the city or state filter, the view is blank, and zipcode shows "(xxxxx)", it’s in parentheses to let you know that the filter value isn’t relevant.



      1. when change to other city, still in same state, give me a default zipcode for the new select city to avoid blank view.

      2. when change to other state, give me a default city AND a default zipcode for that city to avoid blank view.


      I am asking this because I always need to go through all three quick filters to get a view, except one situation when a city in this dataset have more than 1 zipcode, then I only need to change the zipcode filter to get a different view.


      I have seen many posts and discussion, their solution does not work on my case as I still need to keep all three filters on the dashboard with only one sheet.


      Let me know if you guys can help me out. Attached sample workbook.


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