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    Calculate the loading time of a view on Tableau server

    Mohamed BEN SAAD




      I would like to use Tableau server database (workgroup data model : https://apandre.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/datadictionary70.jpg) to make statistics on users Activities and how they use the different workbooks published.


      I want to calculate the load time of any  view (or workbook) per user. So, I started by looking into http_request table and calculate load time = diff(created at, completed at) but :

      1. I did’t find link between  http_request  and workbook table (workbook id) or view table (view id) to identify request’s target. The only foreign key is user_id and session_id
      2. http_Request does not track all requests. Particularly when users browse from one view tab to another in embedded mode, these accesses are not recorded.
      3. This table tends to get cleared whenever an upgrade is performed. So we don’t have an historical view to monitor the loading time of view/workbook on time.
      4. the link between session table and http_request table is not clear. We have more session_id in http_request which are missing in session table




      Thank you in advance for your help