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    How to Dynamically Restrict Date Parameters?

    Adina Markowz

      Hi everybody,


      I am new to this forum, but after hours of fruitless searching, I wanted to see if anybody here can help me.



      - I am using 2 date parameters to filter (because I have two data sources on the dashboard), StartDate and EndDate



      - When I select a start date that lies behind the end date, (obviousely) no data is shown

      - I want to make it impossible to select "overlapping" start and end dates

      - The max value of the start date should be the end date, and the min value of the end date should be the start date (dynamically!)


      A few years ago, someone already posed this question here: https://community.tableau.com/thread/111060#comment-35408.

      However, there seemed to be no solution:

      “> to be able to restrict the available dates of one parameters according to the other

      Not currently possible, another very nice idea for a feature request.”


      Hopefully, by now there is a way!

      Thank you very much in advance for your help!


      --- Please take into account that I am (almost) a total Tableau Newbie ---