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    Multiple x and y axis

    Alfredo Anaduta

      Hi Everyone,

      I want to replicate excel graph into Tableau without any success.  Can you please help?

      The data attached for your information. I thought its going to be a simple pivot graph like in excel but now stuck


      Thank you






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          Hi Alfredo,

          i don't think it is possible to create this graph with tableau cause you only have one "measure values" field per Sheet and you can combine only two measures as "dual axis".

          For your view you would either need two "measure values" fields (one for the sums one for percents) or the ability to combine six measures as multi axis.

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            If you have access to Tableau 9.0 or higher and your real data source is also excel then you can partly pivot your data (only for percents). Use measure values for non-percent values and pivot field names for percent values. But this will turn side by side bars to stacked bars if you can live with it.


            In the data connection window, you can select 3 percent columns, right click and choose pivot:



            Dealership on columns, measure values and pivot field values on rows. This creates 2 marks cards on the left. On the 1st one place measure names on color and on the 2nd marks card place pivot field names on color. Make it a dual axis and there:


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              This is nice. I wasn't aware of the possibility to pivot the data. Maybe because i never use excel datasources.

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                Alfredo Anaduta

                Yup this is nice. I can work with this. Actually when I changed the shape to circle instead of bars its look more meaningful. Awesome. Thanks for this Pooja. Also Thanks Roland.