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    Place 2 drill down worksheets in the same place.

    Revati Khopkar

      I need to place two separate drill down worksheets in the same space without using a parameter. How do I achieve this?

      I have 2 bar charts and their respective drill down worksheets. If I click on first bar chart value, its own drill down worksheet should appear, if i click on the 2nd bar chart value, its own drill down worksheet should appear in the same place.

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          From what I understand you are looking to create global dashboard actions that will manipulate multiple sheets on the dashboard.

          I would suggest to read through these two articles Creating Filters with Actions on Dashboards | Tableau Software  and Filtering Across Multiple Data Sources | Tableau Software .

          Each of these articles present a few different methods on the use of filters that will interact with multiple worksheets on a dashboard in Tableau Desktop.




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            Esther Aller

            Hi Revati,


            Building off of Patrick's suggestion I created a sample workbook that uses 4 action filters:

            1. Show Drilldown 1
            2. Hide Drilldown 1
            3. Show Drilldown 2
            4. Hide Drilldown 2


            In my example Bar chart 1 filters Drilldown 1 on [Region], and Bar chart 2 filters Drilldown 2 on [Category]. The "Show Drilldown 1" and "Show Drilldown 2" filters are action filters that use only one bar chart as the source sheet, and the corresponding drill down as the target sheet.

            action filter show drilldown.png

            The Hide actions are a little more complicated. Essentially when a value in Bar chart 1 is selected we want to filter Drill down 2 to show no data. We can accomplish that by only filtering on a selected filter that matches the value from Bar chart 1 (which is [Region]) with a field that does not contain any of the same values. See the image below for how I set up my action filter:


            action filter hide drilldown.png

            In this example I matched [Region] with [Category], so that when the "Show Drilldown 2" action is run it will overwrite this filter.


            The last thing you need to do to completely hide the drilldown worksheet that has been filtered to show no data is place both worksheets in a layout container and hide the titles. Layout containers are designed so that any worksheets within a layout container automatically resize to fill the space (worksheets within a horizontal layout container will automatically resize their width). Check out the Product Help Quick Start: Layout Containers for more information.


            I hope this answers your question!

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